Dance Class Turns Carrie Underwood’s “The Champion” Into Workout & Carrie Approves

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Carrie Makes Us Feel Like A “Champion”

There’s a reason why most people prefer to listen to upbeat, powerful songs when they work out. While the faster rhythms provide something to keep cadence with, the messages of these songs inspire you to keep pushing harder and faster.

One song that has certainly landed on a fair share of workout playlists is Carrie Underwood‘s  “The Champion.”

Although it isn’t country by any means, the exhilarating song has been enjoyed by country fans from far and wide…and fans of other genres as well.

“The Champion” features the rapper Ludacris, who wrote the song along with Underwood, Brett James, and Chris DeStefano. With lyrics such as, “I was made for this. I was born to win. I am the champion,” the song was specifically crafted to serve as an anthem for the 2018 Super Bowl.

It just so happens that 2018 was also the year for the Winter Olympics, and “The Champion” was the perfect anthem for that as well. It’s obvious the people in charge at NBC thought the same thing, because it was announced that “The Champion” would also be played in accordance with the Olympics that year.

Song Inspires Fans, Gets Them Moving

Even before the Super Bowl and the Olympics, people were already feeling inspired by “The Champion.” Dance instructor Shawnta Jackson felt the song was the perfect backing track to a workout routine, and the one she created looks awfully intense.

Jackson shared a video of the routine, and it ended up reaching Underwood. She clearly gave it her stamp of approval, because she shared it as well as other “Champion” inspired videos on her own social media pages.

The group of people who came to learn Jackson’s dance to “The Champion” all seem like pretty good dancers themselves. They were all moving and twisting their bodies in ways that make us hurt just watching them. This dance certainly isn’t for the faint of heart!

But if you’re up for a challenge, and a lot of sweat, this dance looks like it would be a ton of fun. We’re willing to give it a shot! Go ahead and check it out in the video below and see what you think.

Even if you don’t get all of the steps, you’re sure to enjoy dancing along! How can you not have a good time while listening to a song as electrifying as that?