“Big Knickers” Is The Monstrous Steer You Have To See To Believe

Everybody knows that “happy cows come from California” but what you might not know is that big steer come from…Australia? For this one steer, being bigger than life actually saved his life. The Stats If you’ve ever been to an auction, you know a lot of different things matter when picking a prize steer. Well, […] More

Angry Turkey Chases Off Postal Woman

Around Thanksgiving, people fantasize about the large amounts of food they are going to consume on the holiday – the traditional main dish being, Turkey. Well, this one, in particular, wasn’t scared of being put on a plate. Heck! He even went after a poor, innocent mail carrier who was just trying to do her […] More

Things Go Awry When Baby Goat Attempts To Befriend Cat

Sometimes opposites attract. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for one spunky baby goat and the sassy kitty he tried to befriend. It all started out innocently enough. A tiny little fur ball of a goat jumps around a kitchen egging on the house cat to play with him. The kitty is obviously unamused by the […] More

Cop’s Jaw-Dropping National Anthem Is Pure Gold

Mike Morgan of South Dakota’s Codington County Sheriff’s Office is a police officer – but that’s not all he does. In a recently released video, Morgan stuns coworkers and people around the USA with an off-duty performance of the national anthem. The video opens with Morgan standing in a courthouse hallway. He is noticeably excited […] More

NASCAR Star Tony Stewart Nabbed By Police In Epic Lip Sync Battle

For those of you going through withdrawal, wondering when and if you’d see the next great entry into the Police Lip Sync Battle, relax…we’ve got you covered! The Columbus, Indiana Police Department answered the mega-viral Lip Sync Challenge complete with star power and a full spectrum of hits. Opening with “I Can’t Drive 55” by […] More

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