Dierks Bentley Emotionally Confesses Feelings On Performing At His Late Father’s College


Country music star Dierks Bentley lives quite the hectic lifestyle in light of his vibrant performances and on-the-go performing schedule. The “Somewhere On A Beach” singer sat down with The Missourian to speak out about his upcoming concert, as well as his musical and personal influences. Bentley is set to perform at the Mizzou Arena Homecoming concert October 21 at 7:30 PM. Seeing that the singer’s father attended Mizzou (University of Missouri) and passed away a few years back, Bentley admitted, “[I]t’s a big night to be playing and it’s an honor to be there for the Homecoming. We are truly excited, I’m not just B.S.’ing you. It’ll be a special night for sure.”

Upon being asked if performing in the state that his father is from evokes a feeling of being home, the singers tells, “It does feel like a bit of a homecoming. It’s a place I can go back and visit my dad’s spirit for a little bit.” He continues to explain the surreal feeling he continues to experience knowing that he will be performing at the very school that his father attended, confessing that the thought tends to make him a bit emotional. When asked if  he feels as if he has a variety of locations to refer to  as “home“, Bentley states,

“I kind of feel like home is all over now. I’ve got friends that I meet every year while I’m playing music. I’ve got guys that will take me out to play hockey, I play paintball with local people, and I’ve done a lot of fishing.”

Bentley wraps up the encounter by encouraging his father’s college football team, admitting that he wishes he could join the crowd for the game but he is “excited to be there and get the party started.”