Dolly Parton Takes “Here You Come Again” To The Stage In 1970s Performance


She truly found the key to success with chart-topping hits like her timeless melody, “Here You Come Again” and never looked back!

Dolly Parton became one of the world’s beloved country music legends through a dazzling number of million-selling hits, raging chart-toppers, and her bubbly personality!

First released in 1977 from her 19th studio album, “Here You Come Again” took the world by storm, remaining at the top of the charts for five weeks and earning now-legendary Parton her very first Grammy Award.

It was from this massive success of a song that her already-big career got even bigger! It wasn’t long after the release of this song that Parton would delight the world yet again with “9 to 5” as she appeared in the 1980 film of the same name.

This timeless classic left its mark upon the world in more ways than anyone could count and truly opened new doors for the effervescent Dolly Parton.

“Here You Come Again” has been covered by some incredible artists.

Some of our favorite ones have been from Bachelor alum Carly Waddell and Grace West’s version during the Knockout Round of The Voice.

Kacey Musgraves and Katy Perry bonded over their love of Dolly Parton, so of course they covered it during their 2014 CMT Crossroads episode!

Watch her dazzling live performance of “Here You Come Again” in the video below!