Donny Osmond Surprises Longtime Fan For Her 60th Birthday

Donny Osmond surprises a fan named Shirley for her 60th birthday

shimmy_4kimmi / TikTok

Kids Enlist Donny Osmond To Surprise Their Mom On Her Birthday

One of Donny Osmond’s biggest fans got quite the surprise for her birthday this year!

60-year-old Shirley has been a longtime fan of Donny’s. He first rose to fame at a young age in the early 1960s after joining his brothers in their singing group, The Osmonds. Donny kicked off his solo career in the early 1970s.

His hit songs such as “Puppy Love,” “Go Away Little Girl,” and “The Twelth of Never” made him a teen heartthrob.


Shirley would have grown up while Donny was at the height of his teen idol fame. She’s been a fan of his since those early days, and still follows his career.

Her Reaction To Donny’s Birthday Surprise Was Priceless

Knowing how much their mom loves Donny Osmond, Shirley’s children orchestrated a plan to surprise her for her 60th birthday.

TikTok user shimmy_4kimmi is one of Shirley’s kids. She uploaded a video on the platform showcasing the moment when Donny surprised Shirley for her birthday.

First, Shirley’s kids had her play a personalized video from Donny wishing her a happy birthday. Shirley loved the message, which included Donny singing her name.

Clearly, Shirley thought this was the big surprise her kids put together for her birthday. But as she watched the video, she had no idea that Donny was right behind her!

Donny knelt down behind Shirley’s chair and stayed quiet for a moment before saying her name. Her reaction was priceless when she turned around and noticed him!

Donny Osmond surprises a fan named Shirley for her 60th birthday
Donny Osmond surprises a longtime fan named Shirley for her 60th birthday. Photo Credit: shimmy_4kimmi / TikTok

The Video Of Their Meeting Went Viral

People loved seeing Shirley’s joy upon meeting her longtime “celebrity crush.” The video of her birthday surprise has generated over 7.7 million views on TikTok at the time of this writing.

She deserved this so much!!” her daughter wrote in the caption.

When someone in the comments asked how the kids managed to get Donny to show up for Shirley’s birthday, her daughter said:

“I honestly think that my mom had some guardian angels who made this happen for her. We did NOT have to pay him!!”

How sweet!

Head below to watch two videos of Donny Osmond surprising Shirley for her 60th birthday. The first clip is the original one that went mega viral!

There’s no doubt this is a birthday Shirley will never forget.

@shimmy_4kimmi That time we surprised my mom with her celebrity crush for her 60th bday. She deserved this so much!! 😭❤️ #donnyosmond #mom #bestday ♬ original sound – shimmy_4kimmi