Epic Fail: Carrie Underwood And Brad Paisley Get Every Question Wrong In Newlywed-Style Game

The Chew/YouTube

Since they’ve been co-hosting the CMA Awards for ten years now, you’d think Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley would know each other really well! Turns out, that’s not the case!

While appearing on the daytime talk show The Chew to promote the upcoming CMA Awards on Wednesday, November 8, the hosts of the show convinced them to play a game they called “Quick-Fire Co-Host Q & A,” which is essentially the Newlywed Game.

They were asked questions about each other and wrote down their answers. The point of the game was to try and write down the same answers, but Underwood and Paisley failed to do that a single time. While they didn’t win, or even get close, the entire game was hysterical!

The first question they were asked was, “What’s Brad’s favorite thing to eat while on tour?

Paisley said he wasn’t even sure if he knew what the answer was! And so began their streak of bad luck began. Underwood confidently wrote “Bananas” while Paisley said “Cookies.”

They were next asked what Underwood always has in her dressing room, which prompted her to quickly write down “veggies,” but Paisley, being the funnyman that he is, jotted down “servants,” giving the entire audience a huge laugh.

They continued to fail epically by getting the next two questions wrong, but were pretty good sports about it! Underwood and Paisley have been ripping on each other, as well as their fellow country singers, for the past ten years and it’s not going to stop now. Tune into the CMA Awards on Wednesday to see them do it again, and make sure you watch the hilarious video below.