Fans Defend Chris Young After Footage Of Incident Leading To Arrest Is Released

Nick Beres / News Channel 5

Country music artist Chris Young was arrested at a Nashville bar on Monday, January 22nd. 

Two-time Grammy-nominated country singer Chris Young was arrested at DawgHouse Saloon in Nashville’s Midtown neighborhood on Monday (January 22). The affidavit describes the sequence of events leading up to the arrest as follows: 

  • Agents with the Alcoholic Beverage Commission first encountered Young sitting at the bar of Nashville’s Tin Roof around 8:30 PM. 
  • The agents completed a compliance check at Tin Roof and asked to check Young’s identification.
  • Chris Young asked the agents questions, which they reportedly answered, and Young began recording them. 
  • The agents left Tin Roof and go next door to the DawgHouse Saloon. Chris Young and friends follow. 
  • All of the agents go to the back of the bar to check licenses for ABC compliance and then attempt to leave. 

The affidavit reports: 

While walking to the door, Mr. Young put his hands out to stop me from leaving the bar and st[r]uck me on the shoulder. I then pushed Mr. Young to create distance since I had no idea who Mr. Young was or what he had. Once that happened, most of the patrons of the bar got up and got between TABC agents and Mr. Young and began yelling and screaming.” 

Additionally, the affidavit claims that Young did not comply with orders and that two agents “had to physically detain Mr. Young to put him in handcuffs.” 

Newly released security footage from the incident has fans questioning whether or not the arrest should have occurred.   

On Tuesday (Jan 23) security footage obtained by reporter Nick Beres with the Newschannel5 Network was released. The footage, from multiple security cameras and angles, shows Chris Young reaching out toward one of the agents as he is leaving. The agent reacts by forcefully shoving Young into the bar, knocking him off his feet. 

According to Beres, Young was “waiting to ask the men why they took a photo of his ID and reaches out to ask the agent to stop to talk. The agent then shoves Young knocking him to the floor.” 

After speaking to Yong’s lawyer, Beres adds: 

His lawyer tells me what happened to his client in the Dawg House was wrong … that he never should have been arrested … and that ABC should drop the charges and apologize.

Fans come to Chris Young’s defense. 

After the videos were shared on social media, hundreds of fans came to the defense of the country singer in the comments section: 

“Hope he gets all charges dropped and should after reviewing video!!! Hope they look at this also! I love when there is video of what really happened!! Always better than a report or what one tells as their side.” 

“This paints the real story. Chris was not in the wrong here.” 

“That was so wrong what they did to him. In no way, shape or form was he disorderly and should have not been arrested. Thank you for posting these videos.” 

“Doesn’t look like resisting arrest to me, standing with his hands up after he got up off the floor after he was assaulted by them.” 

“This is wrong in so many ways. His hands are up. He just wanted to ask about his ID and they falsified the report which could hurt his reputation. WRONG!” 

“I don’t see anything that Chris did wrong. The charges should be dropped!” 

See the video below, and check out the comments section here for videos from additional angles.