85-Year-Old Kicks Off Loafers & Breaks Into Epic Bluegrass Shuffle

Banjo player Adam Lee Marcus visited a retirement home in Tiger, Georgia to treat residents to a lively bluegrass performance. However, it was Dorothy, an 85-year-old resident, that ultimately provided the entertainment that had Marcus grinning from ear to ear. https://www.facebook.com/adamleemarcus/photos/a.539611692736024/1966682960028883/?type=3&theater The second Dorothy heard the picking of “Foggy Mountain Breakdown,” she kicked off her black loafers and began to […] More

Band Turns Journey Hit “Don’t Stop Believin'” Into Bluegrass Song

The hit song “Don’t Stop Believin’”, originally recorded by the rock band Journey, has been a song favorite covered by various artists throughout the years. However, while Fox’s hit show Glee gave the classic tune one hell of a performance to live up to, an incredible bluegrass band gave the song the unlikely twist it […] More

These Top 5 Hee Haw Moments Will Have You Wishing For The Past

For more than 20 years, fans were able to tune in and watch hosts Buck Owens and Roy Clark break out in hilarious sketches, strum a little ditty, and welcome famous country music performers to their stage for one-of-a-kind performances. Many of the talented performers to grace television screens across America went on to become massively […] More