Band Turns Journey Hit “Don’t Stop Believin'” Into Bluegrass Song

graspicker13 / YouTube

The hit song “Don’t Stop Believin'”, originally recorded by the rock band Journey, has been a song favorite covered by various artists throughout the years. However, while Fox’s hit show Glee gave the classic tune one hell of a performance to live up to, an incredible bluegrass band gave the song the unlikely twist it so rightfully needed, “[bringing] the crowd to its feet”! Uploaded to social media, the one-of-a-kind performance, elicited remarkable feedback from fans of all genres, one in particular boldly exclaiming “Here’s proof that anything can sound better in Bluegrass!!!”

The group of five men, know as The Original Pine Mountain Railroad, took to the stage a Knoxville, TN, armed with various instruments assisting in their recognizable and widely-appreciated sound! As they began to play, the familiar tune of Journey’s hit rang throughout the venue in a vastly different sound than we’ve ever heard before!

As the song continued, the tempo gradually increases to the fast-paced beat that perfectly embodies bluegrass, giving fans of both genres the musical blend they’ve been craving! The unique performance received an incredible standing ovation and uproarious applause from the elated crowd!

Don’t miss out of watching this fantastic performance! Check it out for yourself and tell us what you think!