Country Music Hall of Fame Announces Newest Inductees

On Tuesday morning (March 27), the Country Music Association made a huge announcement – they revealed the newest inductees into the Country Music Hall of Fame. Every year, the Hall of Fame inducts three artists from three different categories: Recording and/or Touring Musician active prior to 1980, Veterans Era, who is eligible for induction 40 […] More

Just A Few Seconds & You’ll Be Hooked On This 7-Year-Old Fiddler

Many instruments are difficult to learn, but the fiddle is one that always seems to pose the greatest challenge. Despite its difficulty, one musician demonstrated she had mastered the instrument…and she was only seven years old! Years ago, a seven-year-old girl from Nova Scotia named Laura Watson found instant fame when a pair of her […] More

Army Band Gives Phenomenal Twist To ‘Seven Spanish Angels’

One crowd that gathered for a performance at Houston Fest in 2017 was in for a real treat when three soldiers took to the stage. The men are part of a group called the Six-String Soldiers, which are known all over the internet for their skillful covers of country, folk, and bluegrass classics. During their […] More

Redneck Plays ‘Dueling Banjos’ Like You’ve Never Heard It Before

The song “Dueling Banjos” has been around since the 1950s, but shot to fame in 1972 thanks to the film Deliverance, where a city man plays guitar opposite a mentally challenged country boy who is a master on the banjo. The “Dueling Banjos” scene contributed to the film’s success, as well as sent the song to the […] More

Country Boys Tear Up The Dance Floor With Epic Bluegrass Dance

There’s something about a good song that just makes you want to get up and dance. For many, nothing beats the feeling of dancing the night away to some of your favorite tunes. The art of dance is something that has continued to evolve over time. But while new styles of dancing may come and go, […] More