Just A Few Seconds & You’ll Be Hooked On This 7-Year-Old Fiddler

King of Random Clips / YouTube

Many instruments are difficult to learn, but the fiddle is one that always seems to pose the greatest challenge. Despite its difficulty, one musician demonstrated she had mastered the instrument…and she was only seven years old!

Years ago, a seven-year-old girl from Nova Scotia named Laura Watson found instant fame when a pair of her fiddle-playing videos went viral. Broken into two parts, the videos show Watson playing three separate songs: “Cajun Fiddle,” “The Crooked Stovepipe,” and “McNabb’s Hornpipe.”

The first video opens with Watson standing on stage, fiddle in hand, while her band got everything situated. Once everything was set, Watson fearlessly broke out into a fast-paced ditty, causing the crowd to gasp and cheer in awe.

You can tell that no one was expecting her to play like that!

The crowd’s energy is even more amplified in the second part of Watson’s performance. This video is also the most popular of the two, with nearly 100,000 more views than the first.

Once you watch the video, it’s easy to see why viewers are drawn to it the most. For starters, Watson plays two songs as opposed to one. These two songs showcase different aspects of her talent, as the first requires slower, more emotional playing, while the second is quicker.

As mentioned earlier, the audience’s energy level was off the charts during this portion of Watson’s performance. They clapped and hollered along to both songs, proving they were completely entertained by what they heard.

Watson is all grown up now, but she hasn’t stopped playing the fiddle! Years of practice have refined her skills even more, making her a well-experienced musician.

If you’d like to see one of Watson’s more recent performances, look no further than the video below. This particular video shows her playing “Orange Blossom Special,” which was famously recorded by Johnny Cash as a lyrical piece.

There’s no denying the fact that Watson is remarkably talented!