Just A Few Seconds & You’ll Be Hooked On This 7-Year-Old Fiddler

Many instruments are difficult to learn, but the fiddle is one that always seems to pose the greatest challenge. Despite its difficulty, one musician demonstrated she had mastered the instrument…and she was only seven years old! Years ago, a seven-year-old girl from Nova Scotia named Laura Watson found instant fame when a pair of her […] More

You Have To Hear What Happens When ‘Dueling Banjos’ Gets A Jolly Christmas Twist

Music’s Most Iconic “Duel” Few instrumental songs are as recognizable as “Dueling Banjos.” The tune has been around for decades, but earned an iconic status after it was featured in the 1972 film, Deliverance. Written by Arthur “Guitar Boogie” Smith, “Dueling Banjos” was originally called “Feudin’ Banjos.” It was first recorded on a four-string plectrum banjo […] More