Lady A’s Hillary Scott Has A Piano Prodigy: See Her 4-Year-Old Daughter Play Tom Petty

Hillary Scott / Instagram

Looks like Lady Antebellum‘s Hillary Scott may have a future piano player in her family!

Hillary’s four-year-old daughter, Eisele, seems to be following in the musical footsteps of her mother and father. While Hillary is a country music and gospel singer, her husband and Eisele’s father, Chris Tyrrell, is a drummer, and plays with Lady Antebellum.

It seems that Chris also knows how to play the keyboard, and he has recently been teaching Eisele how to play as well. On Monday (January 22), Hillary shared a loving video of Chris and Eisele playing the keyboard together, and their song choice was excellent.

The father-daughter duo teamed up to play Tom Petty‘s “Learning to Fly,” which reached the top spot on the Billboard Album Rock Tracks chart following its release in 1991. Despite the passage of time, it has remained one of Petty’s most well-known works.

Following Petty’s death in October, there has been a renewed interest in his music. As expected, “Learning to Fly” was one song that many turned to for tribute performances dedicated in his honor.

Eisele’s little piano performance is certainly one of the sweetest tributes to Petty we’ve seen yet. The video Hillary shared shows Chris playing some consistent background notes while he waited patiently for his daughter to pluck out her part.

Although Eisele hesitated for a short while in the middle of playing, she seemed pretty sure of what she was doing. She got the chance to play the main melody, and did so quite well. Keep in mind, she’s only four. It seems like she may be a piano prodigy!

Hillary and Chris will soon have two more little girls in their musical family. The couple is expecting twin girls, and they are due to arrive in February. The Tyrrell family will have a full band to raise!

Until then, we’re sure that Hillary and Chris are treasuring these special moments with their firstborn, Eisele. You can see her play the keyboard with her father in the heart-melting video below. She’s such a cutie!