Barefoot, Overall-Wearing High Schooler Plays Banjo For Talent Show – No One Knew He Could Play

Joel Habs / YouTube

He showed them!

A student performed at his high school’s talent show wearing nothing but overalls and a straw cowboy hat while carrying a banjo by his side.

Joel Habs / YouTube

The second he stepped on stage, the audience erupted in laughter.

The student, whose name is Joel, indulged the crowd for a bit by waving and flashing them his pearly whites while he walked to a chair sitting centerstage. He seemed well-liked by his peers, who were hooting and hollering from their seats.

Joel sat down and leaned over to the mic and said a few words in a “hillbilly” accent.

Joel Habs / YouTube

Between lines, the audience laughed, as though everyone thought his “talent” was a joke. He even took some dip out of a can to make it seem like he was chewing tobacco, too.

As soon as he started strumming his banjo, he stunned the entire audience.

He slowly started playing the song “Cripple Creek” followed by the legendary song “Foggy Mountain Breakdown.”

You can tell by the crowd’s reaction just how impressed they were with his hidden talent. Just a few strums in and they were clapping along – thoroughly enjoying what they were hearing.

It’s clear that Joel’s peers had no clue he could play the banjo, and he even won first place at the talent show!

Watch his awesome performance below.