George Strait Shares His Opinion Of Modern Country Music


Because of how much of an impact he made on country music, we refer to George Strait as “The King” of the genre. But despite all of the influence he had on the country music of the past, “The King” doesn’t really see it in today’s music.

Speaking to The Dallas Observer, Strait opened up about what he thinks of modern country music, saying the majority of it no longer resembles the type of music he plays.

I don’t see a lot of my influence out there in country music today, out there being played on the radio,” he said.

But Strait said that’s just part of the history of country music, and that the genre has always shifted back and forth from being more traditional, like he is, and having more pop influences. While a large portion of today’s country music is influenced by pop, Strait says he sees things are starting to shift back to a more traditional sound.

“The country music scene is always changing, and the music is always changing. I’ve seen the pendulum swing this way and back this way. It’s very country, and then not so country. I think right now it’s kind of trending back to more traditional country music, which is what I like and I like to do. So I’m glad to see that.”

But even though much of what plays on country radio today doesn’t sound like the music Strait records, he doesn’t want to “put anybody down” just because they’re successful with less traditional country songs.

For someone to go out and have some success in the music business, more power to ’em,” he said. “I’m not saying I have to like it, but I just know how tough it is.”

Those who enjoy listening to traditional country, and Strait’s music in particular, are in for a big treat. He recently announced his plans to release a second box set in November, called Strait Out of the Box Part 2, which will include some new songs.

In the meantime, enjoy watching Strait perform one of his big hits in the clip below.

What do you think about Strait’s comments on modern country music? Do you agree with him?