Marine Corps Welcomes Its First Female F-35B Pilot

According to, females were unable to serve as pilots in the Marine Corps until 1993. That’s when pilot positions were first made available to women, though the Marines didn’t get its first female pilot until 1995. That woman was 2nd Lt. Sarah Deal, a CH-53E heavy-lift helicopter pilot. Now, 24 years after Lt. Deal […] More

Toddler’s National Anthem Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See All Day

Singing in front of a crowd can be scary, but for one little tyke, it comes as natural as breathing. With his adorable voice and excited attitude, 3-year-old Drake Grillo wowed the crowd as he belted out the National Anthem at Syracuse’s annual School Day Game. Annual School Day At Syracuse University in New York, […] More

Police Officer Sings National Anthem – Makes The Evening News

Mike Morgan of South Dakota’s Codington County Sheriff’s Office is a police officer – but that’s not all he does. In a recently released video, Morgan stuns coworkers and people around the USA with an off-duty performance of the national anthem. The video opens with Morgan standing in a courthouse hallway. He is noticeably excited […] More

Toby Keith Explains Major Hate He Gets For Supporting Military

Country Superstar Devotes Himself To USO Tours For years, Toby Keith has been one of country music’s most outspoken supporters of the U.S. military. He’s performed at a number of patriotic events, gone on USO tours overseas, and recorded songs that celebrate troops, such as “American Soldier.” Keith has generated a great deal of respect […] More

Ray Stevens’ Patriotic Single “Dear America” Bleeds Red, White & Blue

Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame member Ray Stevens has been astounding the entertainment industry with his extensive talent, not only as a musician, but as a television host, producer, and comedian! His drive and ambition have continuously motivated both entertainers and aspiring musicians for decades! Perhaps best-known for being the original artist to Kris Kristofferson’s iconic song “Sunday […] More