“Hallelujah” Gets New Sound From Country Singer Brett Young

YouTube/Taste of Country

Putting himself to the test with one of the most beloved, cherished, country songs to ever hit radio waves, this rising country singer showed everyone exactly what he is made of with a stunning new rendition of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.”

Brett Young, already known for his chart-topping hit singles “Sleep Without You” and “In Case You Didn’t Know” has been climbing toward the top of the industry for the last couple years – and with each new performance he takes a huge leap forward.

His charming country twang and smooth, easy-on-the-ears voice only compliment his dashing good looks – a combination that has proved successful for many of country’s top artists over the last few decades.

Taking on this epic tune that nearly everyone knows by heart, Young dazzled and delighted viewers with his own gritty, yet tender twist. Each verse lifts and grows stronger, all the while Young’s voice adds age and experience to the sound, which makes for one of the most impressive and unique covers we’ve ever heard.


Take a listen to Brett Young and his genuine, heartfelt performance of “Hallelujah” in the videos below! There is both the recorded version (bottom) and a live version (top)!