Heroic Dogs Sacrifice Themselves Protecting Sleeping Baby From Snake

WARNING: Graphic content that may not be suitable for some viewers.  As a one-year-old baby sleeps inside a house located in the Philippines, a venomous cobra slithers under a fence onto the property and attempts to make an entrance into the home. Two Fearless Pups To The Rescue The snake is just a few feet […] More

Massive ladybug “super bloom” visible on weather radar

Should We Be Concerned? An absolutely massive swarm of ladybugs has taken flight in Southern California and is heading Northwest. But do not worry, ladybugs are harmless. Ladybugs, that are also known as “lady beetles” or “ladybird beetles” are very beneficial to the environment. They consume pests such as aphids and help protect vegetation. A […] More

Black Bear Breaks Into Cooler And Gets Drunk Off 36 Cans Of Beer

Bear Steals 36 Beers From Campers According to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, a black bear was found passed out on the lawn of the Swift Creek Campground due to drinking a 36-pack of beers. Apparently, some campers were away from their tents, maybe going on a hike or swim and while they […] More