Handsome Cowboy Will Make You Swoon With Brooks & Dunn Mega-Hit

Aaron Parker / YouTube

Cowgirls worldwide have been gushing over one talented hunk that has continued to take social media by storm. Aaron Parker has become a viral sensation with his velvety twang and a smile that could melt the largest of glaciers.


Treating viewers to a powerful performance of Brooks & Dunn‘s mega-hit “That Ain’t No Way To Go,” Parker showcased his incredible talent as he sported his black cowboy hat and a coy grin.

His vocals delicately graced the song’s emotional lyrics, as he sang, “That ain’t no way to go, girl, it just ain’t right/ Don’t you think that I deserve to hear you say goodbye/ That ain’t no way to go, was it all a lie/ After all this time, that ain’t no way to go.”

Country duo Brooks & Dunn recorded the single back in 1994 off their album Hard Workin’ Man, reaching the number one spot.


Check out his phenomenal performance below!