Brooks & Dunn Announce First Album In 10 Years

They officially announced their retirement in 2009 and haven’t released an album since, but in a surprise twist – they have unveiled their newest project filled with big-name country stars joining them on a brand new record! Brooks & Dunn are two of the most-famous names in country music (especially 90s country) and they’ve continued […] More

Handsome Cowboy Will Make You Swoon With Brooks & Dunn Mega-Hit

Cowgirls worldwide have been gushing over one talented hunk that has continued to take social media by storm. Aaron Parker has become a viral sensation with his velvety twang and a smile that could melt the largest of glaciers. What inspires me? I sat down with the folks from Wetpaint to let them in on the […] More

If Ronnie Dunn’s Hot Song Was Whiskey, We’d “Be A Damn Drunk”

Ronnie Dunn, most widely known for his performance and popularity in the country duo Brooks and Dunn, recently released a single that has had fans screaming for more! Listen all day to win a digital download of Ronnie Dunn’s new album “Tattooed Heart” featuring “Damn Drunk” #RonnieDunn — COW 97 Country (@COW97Country) November 23, 2016 Dunn’s collaboration not only […] More

After 7-Year Break, Kix Brooks Opens Up About Singing With Ronnie Again

Preparing to take Las Vegas by storm for another whirlwind residency with his former singing partner, Kix Brooks is opening up about what it feels like to reunite after almost a decade-long break. The iconic country duo, Brooks & Dunn, soared across the charts throughout the 1990s and 2000s with a seemingly endless number of […] More

10 Songs That Reference The Legendary Hank Williams Jr.

The name Hank Williams Jr. and the word legend pretty much go hand in hand. He paved the way for many artists in the country music genre and definitely is not afraid to speak his mind. Many a country star consider him a hero, which is probably why he is referenced in so many country songs! […] More

4 Historic Brooks & Dunn Songs That Placed Kix Brooks In Charge

Out of all the duos that have ever existed in country music, Brooks & Dunn is always considered to be at the top of the pack. Together, Ronnie Dunn and Kix Brooks created an impressive catalog of hit songs. In a true testament to the duo’s talent, Ronnie and Kix would take turns singing lead on their […] More