Horses Unexpected Reaction To Stuffed Animal Pony Is Painfully Hysterical

Jennifer Robinson / YouTube

Viewers were in tears after a beautiful horse was introduced to a new toy in the form of a stuffed animal pony. A gorgeous mare by the name of Gypsy walked up to the tiny toy in a wide open country field, inspecting the stuffed animal before giving the small toy a piece of her mind.

While most would expect the horse to be overjoyed after being given a new toy, the horse wasn’t too pleased after realizing the pony was in fact fake.

“Is that my child? Did she slip out?” said the person jokingly as they filmed the interaction. “Gypsy! Gypsy!” screams a woman in the background after realizing what the horse had in mind for her new toy.

Gypsy proceeded to seemingly walk away from the stuffed pony, stopping to powerfully kick the toy with her hind legs, sending the horse imposter flying through the air. The two women behind hilarious video could be heard caught in a fit of laughter at the horse’s reaction to her toy. After hearing their reactions to her kicking the pony, Gypsy stares back at them with a classic deer in the headlights look plastered across her face.

You can watch the hilarious clip below!