Kane Brown Recruits Jason Aldean To Surprise Young Singer

Jason Aldean / Facebook

Country music is known for bringing people together. For one aspiring musician, it brought her together with two of the biggest names in country music right now – Kane Brown and Jason Aldean!

Chelsea McClendon is one of the many aspiring country singers of the world. After attending college and pursuing a Chemistry degree, she realized she wasn’t on the right path. Just like that, she left her schooling and set out to become a country music singer.

Kane Brown’s Biggest Fan

When she heard Hilton Honors members were invited to watch a special Kane Brown show, she signed up right away. During an on-camera interview, she explained how much she admired Brown for his drive and what he has done with his career.


Right as she was talking about him, the country singer snuck up behind her and tapped her shoulder. All McClendon could get out in her surprise was, “Holy crap!”

Hilton Honors / YouTube

Once she caught her breath, she was able to tell Brown just how much his music has helped her feel confident in pursuing her own dreams.

She told him, “You are like my biggest, biggest inspiration. Being of a different ethnic background, and just making it seem like it’s doable for me to go out and pursue my dream of country music.”

Brown smiled and encouraged her even more with a high-five and the advice that, “Anything is possible.”

The Surprises Just Keep Coming

If getting surprised by Brown wasn’t enough – the two went upstairs for a few drinks. The “Good As It Gets” singer let it slip that he hangs out with Jason Aldean all the time. Realizing she was impressed, Brown decided to FaceTime his famous friend. He even gave McClendon the chance to sing a part of Aldean’s new hit song, “Drowns The Whiskey” to him!

After hearing how great the girl could sing, Brown invited her to perform with him on stage for the other Hilton Honors members. You could tell how excited she was as she told her story.

Together they sang his “What Ifs” which is about putting your fears aside for something great. You can watch it all go down in the video below and be sure to tell us what y’all think in the comments!