Keith Urban Lends Mic To Fan To Sing ‘American Pie’ On Stage

dylanbrekke / Instagram

The night before he headlined Stagecoach Music Festival in Indio, California, country star Keith Urban announced a pop up show in Los Angeles at The Sayers Club. Fans in the area began lining up hoping to get in. One of those fans was 20-year-old Long Beach native Dylan Brekke.

According to Taste of Country, Brekke found out about the show on social media and tried to get a few of his friends to go with him. Because of the last minute nature of the show, his friends didn’t want to ditch their plans with their girlfriends, so he attempted to get into the show solo.

He ended up making friends with people around him and managed to snag a spot in the second row. Through his conversations with his new friends, Brekke’s dream of being a singer was brought up, who encouraged him to tell Urban. Once he was on stage, the show got quiet at one point and Brekke took a shot, telling the “Coming Home” singer, “You inspired me to pick up the guitar!

Brekke told Taste of Country, “He turn[ed] to me and says, in his cool kick-ass Australian accent, ‘I’m the reason you picked up a guitar, mate?’

Moments later, Brekke went from performing at local coffee shops to performing next to Urban at The Sayers Club.

In a series of Instagram videos posted to Brekke’s account, you can see him visibly excited to be standing next to his idol. He asked Urban, “Do you know ‘American Pie’?”

“Sure, I know all 497 verses,” Urban joked.

After figuring out the right key, the two embarked on an epic duet that Brekke led, with Urban providing harmonies during each chorus. The Australian singer was the first one to post a video of their duet, writing, “Well Dylan- you might’ve missed Stagecoach – but u sure made up for it!!!!!!! You’re a champion!

The crowd loved their impromptu duet, especially since Brekke is seriously talented! Watch the videos below to see their entire duet.