Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman Gush About Each Other In 2017 Red Carpet Interview

YouTube/Access Hollywood

All eyes were on Nicole Kidman during the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards on Sunday (Jan. 29, 2017). Not only because she was nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role, but also because she is in one of the cutest relationships in Hollywood.

Accompanied by her country music singing husband, Keith Urban and Kidman stopped by to chat with Access Hollywood on the red carpet on their way into the awards ceremony, where they couldn’t stop gushing about each other!

When Access Hollywood‘s Liz Hernandez asked how proud he is of her, Urban replied, “Very. It’s a beautiful film. A great role, and she’s beautiful in it!

Trying to take a little bit of the attention off herself, Kidman pointed out that her husband is “nominated for three Grammys,”  which will take place on February 12, but was quickly reminded by Urban that they “are here for Lion“.

Hernandez told the couple of ten years that what she loves so much about them is how supportive they are of each other’s work.

“For us, we’re so lucky because it doesn’t feel like work. It’s passion for us, it really is,” Kidman said. “We’re a very tight, close knit family. We talk about everything, we evaluate everything together, and the decisions are made together.”

Just recently, it was announced that Kidman was nominated for an Academy Award for the fourth time. She has previously been nominated for her work in 2001’s Moulin Rouge!, 2010’s Rabbit Hole, and won for the 2002 film The Hours. Hernandez asked Kidman where she was when she got the good news about her nomination, and her answer is picture-perfect in every way.

“I was in Paris, can you believe it, for the day, and Keith was the one that called me with the girls, screaming. I started crying, it was really really touching.” For Urban, the moment was just as special for him.

“It was euphoric,” he told Hernandez. “I was live streaming [the nominations announcement] on my phone and they only got down to the third name, which was Nic’s, and gave her the great news. I was so elated. It was like a win for me. I felt like I won, it was beautiful.”

Kidman and Urban have always been extremely supportive of one another in both their personal and professional lives, but this interview definitely takes the cake for their cutest interview!

Watch the super adorable interview below.