Kelly Clarkson Can’t Stop Laughing During ‘Family Feud’ & Neither Can Steve Harvey


In 2017, Kelly Clarkson took the stage with her family to compete on the Steve Harvey-hosted show Celebrity Family Feud. The Clarkson clan took on comedian Amy Schumer and her family.

In this clip from their episode, Harvey called Schumer and Clarkson to the podiums and after both celebrities freaked out over meeting each other, Harvey jokingly said, “One of you is headed to YouTube!”

The comment wasn’t off-base, though! Country singer Kellie Pickler completely missed the buzzer when she was on the show last summer and the video has racked up millions of views!

With seven possible answers up on the board, Harvey read the statement that Clarkson and Schumer needed to guess the answers to.

Name something a wife might do her bald husband’s head in the bedroom,” Harvey said.

Schumer beat Clarkson to the buzzer and said, “Rub it.

Schumer’s family decided to play and with three answers on the board, and two strikes, Schumer gave her best guess again. What she said sent Clarkson, Harvey, and the entire audience into a tizzy of laughter!

Watch the video below to see what Schumer said!