Keith Urban’s Killer Guitar Solo Rocks Indy 500 To The Moon

bigeddie54 / YouTube

Keith Can Crush A Guitar

In addition to being a singer and songwriter, Keith Urban is a talented guitarist. Known as one of the best guitar players in country music, Urban routinely wows fans with his instrumental skills.

Urban’s guitar work can be heard throughout his various songs, including his duet with Carrie Underwood, “The Fighter.” But nothing showcases his talent more than a raw jam session.

Such a jam session took place during Urban’s show at the Indianapolis 500 Legends Day concert in May 2017. Urban was one of the concert’s headliners, and he didn’t disappoint.

Brace Yourselves, Because This Is Gonna Get Wild…

Mid-show, Urban put his guitar skills on full display when he stopped to play a short guitar solo. But this wasn’t just any guitar solo, it was something from out of this world!

Urban started off by making his guitar wail with a shrill, piercing sound. While still doing that, he tried out some tricky handwork to produce an entirely new sound.

bigeddie54 / YouTube

As cool as that was, it couldn’t top what Urban had in store for later on in the solo. Moving around the stage, Urban lifted his guitar up in the air and played using only one hand. Now that was impressive!

The End Thrilled The Crowd

Urban concluded his guitar solo by moving closer to the front of the stage, giving the crowd a clear view of his lightning-fast hands. Based on their reaction, we’d say that everyone was thrilled by what they witnessed from Urban.

It’s obvious that Urban got a thrill out of the whole thing as well. Although he was pulling off some tricky bits, he seemed completely absorbed in the music.

bigeddie54 / YouTube

He was just jamming out as if there wasn’t a single soul watching!

We think it’s safe to say that Urban rocked the Indy 500 to the moon with this one. Tune in below so you can catch his killer guitar solo.

This is one of the many reasons why Urban is a country music superstar!