Kelly Clarkson Sent Bananas To Prank Adam Levine Mid-Performance

Brian McDermid, REUTERS/Robert Deutsch via USA Today

Back in 2013, when Kelly Clarkson and Maroon 5 were touring together on their Honda Civic Tour, Clarkson wanted to make the last few dates memorable in the the most awesome way.

Like many music acts before her, she enlisted the help of her crew to masterfully pull off a series of epic pranks.

Clarkson organized a hilarious prank that Adam Levine did NOT see coming. While Maroon 5 was performing their 2012 hit “Lucky Strike,” Clarkson sent her crew members on stage to surprise Levine, his fellow band members, and the crowd all while wearing banana costumes. Two lucky crew members even dressed up in gorilla suits!

The look on Levine’s face when he sees this nonsense is PRICELESS! Like any good musician, he knows the show must go on, so he and the band continued to perform while bananas were jumping around their stage, throwing huge beach balls into the crowd.

Levine eventually got into it and began dancing with one of the gorillas! Too funny!

The pranks didn’t end there!

Later on in the show, Clarkson joins the band to sing Christina Aguilera’s part on “Moves Like Jagger” and brought out a few of her most fabulous friends. Five of her male crew members put on dresses and busted out some choreographed dance moves with her.

We’re glad Levine is such a good sport and enjoyed these pranks! Well done, Kelly!

Watch the awesome pranks below.