Little Boy Opens His Arms For A Hug & His Pet Chicken Runs To Him

YouTube/Gretchen Brumley

Who knew that the bond between a little boy and his chicken could be so strong?

Six-year-old Mason is an adorable little boy, and his best friend in the whole world is his pet chicken named Love Bird.

Mason first met the chicken when she hatched at his nursery school and, luckily, he was able to keep her! Since then, he has raised Love Bird himself and the bond between these two is absolutely incredible!

Just before this video was taken, little Mason got a haircut – but he wasn’t certain that his little chicken pal would recognize him!

Boy, was Mason wrong! The youngster opened his arms for to welcome Love Bird in for a hug and she came running into his arms.

After just a quick embrace, Love Bird returned to his arms for a longer hug that definitely had the roosters acting a bit jealous!

After watching this video, we’re wondering if maybe a chicken is actually “man’s best friend.” Check it out below. Trust us, you’ll love it!