Lizard Runs Across Backyard To Greet His Owner

Dave Durham / YouTube

American Pet Products Association (APPA) said in 2016 68% of U.S. households owned some sort of pet, with the top two animals being dogs and cats. Owning a reptile might not seem usual, but, it’s actually ranked 4th among the most popular animals owned as pets.

Dave Durham / YouTube

In footage shared on Youtube in April 2014, Dave Durham shows a giant pet lizard enjoying a sunbath in his own backyard. While the lizard seemed to be having a good time all by itself, Dave pointed the camera at him and called for him to come.

“Don’t you wanna come and see me?” he said to the lizard.

“Come on! Come on buddy! Come on buddy,” he insisted.

For a moment, the lizard looked like he was trying to understand what his owner was saying, but he quickly got the message and joined him. The lizard sprinted across the backyard to Dave’s side and greeted him very lovingly and warmly.

Dave Durham / YouTube

The footage shows just how real the connection and emotion between Dave and the lizard was. The lizard was closing his eyes each time Dave touched his head or body.

This strong relationship is incredible, however, it’s not uncommon. According to Jumble Joy, a recent survey in the U.S. showed 35% of people living with animal companions even had them included in a family portrait.

Watch Video Of Man’s Pet Lizard Below