Luke Bryan Freaks Out When Tourmates Prank Him During Concert

Jennifer Wayne / Instagram

Luke Bryan and his wife, Caroline, are known for pulling off some epic pranks. In December they constantly prank each other during a time they call “Pranksmas.”

One of their funniest Pranksmas pranks was when they tricked Luke’s mom, LeClaire, into thinking he was being chased by a crazed fan. But the “fan” was actually actress Chelcie Lynn.

Don’t think we’ll ever top this one,” Caroline said when she shared the video of the prank.


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While Luke is more than used to being pranked by now, he was still a bit taken aback when some of his tourmates pranked him on stage during a recent show.

Oftentimes tourmates will prank each other on the final night of a tour. So when the country trio Runaway June joined Luke on stage for the final night of his Proud to Be Right Here Tour, they knew they had to prank him.

Runaway June member Jennifer Wayne shared a video of how the prank went down. Her bandmates, Naomi Cooke and Natalie Stovall, pretended to start fighting over who was going to sing lead. As their “fight” broke out, Luke turned around and watched with a look of sheer panic on his face. He was freaking out!

But Runaway June didn’t let Luke worry for too long. Someone in the audience handed them some pillows full of feathers, and they started a pillow fight on stage. That tipped Luke off to the fact that Runaway June had been messing with him all along.

Luke must have been so relieved when he realized that he was being pranked! The members of Runaway June got him good.

Jennifer’s followers were amused by the video she shared of her and her bandmates pranking Luke. Country singer and current Dancing with the Stars contestant Jimmie Allen was a big fan, commenting, “Luke’s face was like ummmm” and “That’s sooo good.”

Naomi also commented on the video and Luke’s reaction to their prank, saying, “He is INSIDE of a panic attack.”

Head below to watch the hilarious video showing how Runaway June pranked Luke in the middle of his concert. That’s one show he’s sure to never forget!