Man Films Elks Fighting From A Few Feet Away

Brian Genge / YouTube

Colorado wildlife photographer Brian Genge has seen a lot. Thanks to his trained eye, he shares what he sees, like this mule deer he spotted in Washington.

Because he’s been photographing wildlife for so long, he’s also seen some things people shouldn’t do when it comes to seeing wildlife out in the world. In December 2020, Genge took a video of tourists at Yellowstone National Park getting out of their vehicles – which they are encouraged not to do – to take photos of a huge bison.

He posted the video to his social media accounts, simply using the caption, “What not to do.”

Recently, Genge spotted another “what not to do” moment in Estes Park, Colorado. Two elks began fighting and he filmed the whole thing – from a safe distance of course. However, one man didn’t care about safety and filmed the fight from mere feet away!

After posting the video on social media, many people chimed in, commenting on the danger of the man being so close.

Idiot. The guy is far too close and runs a serious risk of being gored, either by accident of threat. Back off,” one person wrote, while another just said, “He’s crazy!”

Watch the video below.