Merle Haggard’s New Business Venture Carried Out By Daughter

Merle Haggard, legendary country music artist and industry trailblazer, continued to tour with a hectic schedule well into his 70s, giving his fans the times of their lives! While Haggard’s tenacity and will to continue music left many wondering how he was able to do it all, his daughter Jenessa Haggard-Bennet revealed what she believes to have been his secret. While the said answer may not be the most conventional, it was clearly a game changer nonetheless and you’re gonna (mari) wanna know about it! Haggard-Bennet openly credits cannabis.

Prior to Haggard’s death back in April of this year,  he had partnered up with The Colorado Weed Co., intending to grow, sell, and distribute a very high grade of cannabis. As Haggard has since passed, his daughter is determined to finish out his project, swearing by the high quality and and telling Westword during an interview, “The sativas kept him going, kept him creative, kept him getting out there and being able to play. He did contribute a lot of his success on the road to sativas.”

While Haggard, back in the day, had initially been against the use of marijuana, he changed his stance when it was recommended to him by a doctor for medical purposes. Haggard told Men’s Journal back in 2005,

“But if a guy doesn’t learn anything in fifty years, there’s something wrong with him. I’ve learned a lot about it, and America has, too.”

Haggard continued to describe how he believed he, like many Americans, had been brainwashed to belive that marijuana was terrible not only for himself, but for society.

With his daughter fulfilling his last endeavor, it’s no doubt Haggard will be well known for things beyond his music. Haggard’s marijuana line, a blend of his favorite strains that has been called “Merle’s Girls” will be available within a few short months, and expectations are already high. 

Check out Haggard’s perform his duet “It’s All Going To Pot” with buddy Willie Nelson below.