Officer’s Bodycam Captures Moment He Saves Horse From Burning Barn


The bodycam of a police officer from the Hilltown Township Police Department in Pennsylvania captured a video of himself and two others rescuing a horse from a barn that was in the process of burning down.

Hilltown Township Police Department got a call on July 23, 2020, at 10:38am and multiple units responded to it. However, Officer Matthew Reiss and Officer Kristian Hanus were the first to arrive on the scene and found the roof of the barn was on fire and smoking heavily.

Officer Reiss ran towards the barn as he yelled to the farmworkers to quickly get briefed on the situation and they told him there was still a horse in the barn. The officer didn’t think twice and went straight inside the barn. He grabbed the horse and tried to get it to come out but it appeared to be scared and wanted to stay in its stall.

He called another officer and a farmworker to come help him pull the horse out and finally they got it to take off running outside. Once they all left the barn, the officers high-fived one another for saving that horse’s life. You’ve got to watch the footage for yourself.

Watch Officer Save Horse From Burning Barn