Little Boy In Cowboy Hat Sings Along At Aaron Watson Concert

Aaron Watson / Facebook

He may be a newer artist to mainstream country music fans, but Aaron Watson has been around since 1999. He has released 13 albums independently and his 2015 album The Underdog reached number one on the Billboard Country Albums chart, making him the first male independent artist to do so.

In the past few years, his popularity on national country radio has grown, especially with his February 2017 album Vaqeuro, which included his first major radio hit, “Outta Style.” The reason he has been a successful artist over the past 15+ years is because he chooses to stay true to what he calls the “3 Fs: his faith, his family, and his fans.”

Because his popularity has sky-rocketed, he is playing huge shows and festivals like the famous Stagecoach Festival held in Indio, California. He has gained fans of all ages, and a recent video he posted on Instagram proves that!

At one of his concerts, a little cowboy named Copeland couldn’t help but sing along to his favorite song of Watson’s, “These Old Boots Have Roots,” and his mom caught it all on camera!

Somehow Watson got hold of the video and loved it enough to share it to his 212,000 fans on Instagram and 446,000 on Facebook. As his fans know, he normally posts photos and videos of his family life, he told everyone he decided to mix it up a bit with this post.

“Instead of boring you by posting another pic of a packed house… Ill give you a video of my little buddy Copeland singing ‘These Old Boots.’ My favorite part of this video is when he shakes his head ‘no’ when he catches his mom videoing him! Ha! Copeland, I feel your pain buddy,” he wrote accompanying the cute video. “[My wife] does this to me all the time when I’m driving and singing along with the radio! Thanks to everyone who came out this week, as well as, all of you who support me and my fam week end and week out! We love ya back!”

Like Watson said in the caption, Copeland is singing at the top of his lungs when he noticed his mom filming him, to which he just shook his head “no,” which is too cute.

Watch Copeland sing along to “These Old Boots Have Roots,” which is off his albumVaquero below.