String Of “Redneck Fail” Videos

The Best Fails / Youtube

Redneck Fails Are Too Funny To Handle

It’s not uncommon for us to find humor out of the blunders of others, whether those blunders be from hysterical misfortune or just sheer stupidity. One Youtube channel appealed to every country comedian’s sense of humor in this regard when they combined what they call the “Ultimate Redneck Fails Compilation”.

As y’all likely know, traditional redneck stereotypes state that such folks have an extreme love for finding simple solutions to mammoth tasks. Another major stereotype is that such people possess the courage to attempt just about anything…and that stereotype isn’t exactly wrong!

If you love watching what happens after redneck plans go wrong, then you’re in luck, because that is exactly what this compilation video entails!

Rednecks Have Some Wild Ideas

Showcasing everything from determined watergoers who try to craft a boat out of plastic oil drums, to the act of using a leaf blower as a hairdryer, these men, women, and children have attempted it all!

But just because they’ve tested it doesn’t mean that y’all should.

Again, we repeat…do not try any of this at home!

Although some of these are incredibly hilarious and insanely candid, we do admit that there are a handful of these fails that seem to exhibit some slight stupidity over humor.

Nonetheless, we once again strongly advise that these stunts and bloopers NOT be attempted or replicated for your own safety. Instead, we encourage you to indulge in the already failed attempts of these kind folks for your daily fixin’ of laughter!

And now, because of their fails, you know what not to do the next time you decide to find a redneck solution to a problem you may be experiencing.

Here goes nothin’! Enjoy the video of redneck fails below!