Priscilla Presley Has Just 1 Son…And Here’s What He Gave Her For Mother’s Day

Priscilla Presley / Instagram

On Instagram, Priscilla Presley received a unique gift from her only son, Navarone Garibaldi, and the item is almost too beautiful to be real. 

Presley, 75, bragged about her son’s natural “eye” and talent as she shared a beautiful gift for Mother’s Day. Garibaldi, 34, printed out a photo that he had taken in his garden, and the clarity of the flower is incredibly stunning. In her caption, Presley shared:

“A beautiful mothers Day gift from @nava_rone. A canvas of a photo he took of one of his full bloomed poppie flowers. He has quite a garden filled with fruit, vegetables and flowers. I hope he does more of these. He’s developing quite an eye!”

Garibaldi also shared the canvas on his Instagram page and insinuated that he might be interested in creating similar pieces for his followers.

“For anyone that was interested in how my canvases turned out.. this is the first one that arrived. DM me if you want more info,” he wrote. 

See Presley’s gift below.

For more on Presley, check out the following video.