Tell Us Your Favorite Christmas Drink (Poll)

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When you think of the Christmas season, you likely think of colder weather and nights spent cuddled up under the blankets or snuggled close to the fire. This image wouldn’t but complete without a mug or cup of a tasty seasonal drink.

Of course people don’t cease drinking normal beverages around Christmas time. But there are certain drinks that typically only emerge in the month of December, which means you only have 31 days to enjoy them!

Since Christmas is coming up soon, we’d like to hear from all of you what your favorite Christmas drinks are. Since all of these beverages are so delightful, we honestly couldn’t even begin to choose a favorite ourselves.

You can clue us in on what you’ll be filling your cup with this Christmas season by casting a vote in our poll below! Be sure to scroll to catch all of the options, and select “other” if you’d like to vote for something you don’t see in the list!