Vote For The Best Country Christmas Album Released Last Year (Poll)

Each year brings a host of new country Christmas albums to enjoy. While a number of artists have debuted new holiday records in 2017, it seems that 2016 was the big year for Christmas releases. Last year, everyone from country legends such as Loretta Lynn to more modern stars like Brett Eldredge delivered a dose […] More

Tell Us Your Favorite Snow-Related Activity (Poll)

When winter rolls around, a blanket of snow often covers the ground in places where it’s cold enough to snow. Snow days are treasured rarities for children, as they finally get the chance to take some time off to explore the winter wonderland in their backyard. Even adults get a kick out of playing in […] More

Tell Us Your Favorite Christmas Drink (Poll)

When you think of the Christmas season, you likely think of colder weather and nights spent cuddled up under the blankets or snuggled close to the fire. This image wouldn’t but complete without a mug or cup of a tasty seasonal drink. Of course people don’t cease drinking normal beverages around Christmas time. But there […] More

What’s Your Go-To Pie? (Poll)

With Thanksgiving approaching, bakeries are cranking out pies as quick as they can. At the same time, everyday bakers are in the midst of a quest to find the sold-out ingredients they need for their pies, ranging from pecans to pumpkin puree. But all of the hard work is worth it, because what would Thanksgiving […] More

What’s The Best Country Music Biopic? (Poll)

For some reason, many people have an overwhelming desire to learn more about the lives of their favorite celebrities. That’s why autobiographies and biographies often sell well…people simply want to know more about the people they admire. It’s the same reason why biopics have a tendency to do well at the box office. By definition, […] More

Who Was The Best-Dressed Artist At The CMA Awards? (Poll)

If you got the chance to tune in to the red carpet coverage of the CMA Awards, then you were probably just as amazed as we were by all of the stunning ensembles the artists were sporting. Most artists kept things simple and classic, choosing solid, bold colors with slight accents in the form of […] More

What Was The Best CMA Awards Performance? (Poll)

The 2017 CMA Awards featured a number of outstanding performances that fans will surely remember for years to come. From Carrie Underwood‘s tear-filled tribute to late artists and the Route 91 victims, to Alan Jackson throwing it back with “Chasin’ That Neon Rainbow,” there was no shortage of good music. Once the awards ended, social […] More

Who Should Win Entertainer Of The Year At The CMA Awards? (Poll)

You know how the saying goes…save the best for last. Every year, the CMA waits to announce their biggest and most prestigious award until the tail end of the ceremony. That award is for Entertainer of the Year. The Entertainer of the Year Award recognizes the top entertainer in country music over the course of […] More

Who Should Win Female Vocalist Of The Year At The CMA Awards? (Poll)

It’s one of the biggest awards the CMA has to offer…the award for Female Vocalist of the Year! Each year, the CMA issues the Female Vocalist of the Year Award to the “best” female country artist of the year. This award has been bestowed on so many iconic singers in the past, including Reba McEntire, […] More

Who Should Win Male Vocalist Of The Year At The CMA Awards? (Poll)

When it comes to the CMA Awards, the Entertainer of the Year Award is the most coveted trophy. Then comes the Male/Female Vocalist of the Year Awards, which are awarded to the best male and female vocalists in country music that year. Usually, some of the Male/Female Vocalist of the Year nominees are nominated for […] More

Who Should Win Single Of The Year At The CMA Awards? (Poll)

This year, five songs are up for the award for Single of the Year at the 51st CMA Awards. Interestingly, these exact same songs are all nominated for the Song of the Year award as well. While the two categories may seem similar, there is a distinct difference between them. Single of the Year is […] More