What’s Your Go-To Pie? (Poll)

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With Thanksgiving approaching, bakeries are cranking out pies as quick as they can. At the same time, everyday bakers are in the midst of a quest to find the sold-out ingredients they need for their pies, ranging from pecans to pumpkin puree.

But all of the hard work is worth it, because what would Thanksgiving be without pies? While there are certainly a couple of staple choices, others may prefer something a bit more unique.

As you’re gearing up to celebrate Thanksgiving, we want to know what your go-to pie is! There’s a whole bunch of options, so that means that any pie could emerge as the winner.

You can find our pie poll below. Be sure you scroll so you catch all of the choices! If you don’t see your personal pick there, or if you prefer another dessert that isn’t pie, then select the “other” option and leave us a note in the comments!

Mmm, we’re getting hungry just thinking about all of these pies!