Who Should Win Entertainer Of The Year At The CMA Awards? (Poll)

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You know how the saying goes…save the best for last. Every year, the CMA waits to announce their biggest and most prestigious award until the tail end of the ceremony. That award is for Entertainer of the Year.

The Entertainer of the Year Award recognizes the top entertainer in country music over the course of the year. There are several factors that the CMA considers when selecting who wins the award, but tours play a huge part in the decision. For instance, an artist with an extensive touring schedule and well-reviewed shows has a greater shot at winning the award than someone who only toured for a select number of dates.

Of course, the success of the artists’ singles and records also plays into the equation. With so many talented artists, you can understand how challenging it can be to pick a winner!

When it comes to the CMA Awards, the Entertainer of the Year Award is the one that gets fans talking the most once the winner is announced. Everyone always wants their favorite to win, and they get quite upset if they don’t!

You don’t get any say in who wins Entertainer of the Year at the CMA Awards tonight (November 8). But you can have a say in our poll! Head down below to cast your vote for the artist you want to win!