Who Was The Best-Dressed Artist At The CMA Awards? (Poll)

Getty Images

If you got the chance to tune in to the red carpet coverage of the CMA Awards, then you were probably just as amazed as we were by all of the stunning ensembles the artists were sporting. Most artists kept things simple and classic, choosing solid, bold colors with slight accents in the form of sparkle, subtle patterns, and unique accessories.

After every awards show, everyone always chats back and forth about who they think the best-dressed artist was. We wanted to give y’all an outlet to do just that, and it also gives you the chance to look back at some of the best looks from this year’s CMA Awards!

So how can you go about doing that, you ask? By taking the poll we’ve included below! In the poll, you’ll find small images of seven artists we personally believe were the best-dressed at the CMA Awards.

If you liked someone else’s look better, you can select the “other” option and tell us your pick in the comments! Feel free to share a picture as well.

Be sure to scroll to see all of the choices!