VIDEO: Man Learns Scary Lesson About Hand-Feeding Bison

Allison P. Campbell / YouTube

Allison P. Campbell shared a video on YouTube of her friend Thomas trying to feed a bison that aggressively charged at him last week (September 6).

“This is my friend Thomas trying to feed a bison that was on our dude ranch that is 15 miles from the east entrance of Yellowstone National Park,” Allison wrote in the description of the video. 

The video starts off showing the man with what looks like a handful of grass walking towards a bison that was well into its adult years.

“This bison was definitely over 10, a solitary male that has lost the right to breed, and we also believe he was hurt,” Allison wrote.

As Thomas approached the number one creature that Yellowstone National Park officials say has injured more people than any other animal in the park, the bison raises its tail as a warning sign that it’s not comfortable with the human’s approach.

“Thomas was the animal whisperer but this was definitely not the smartest thing to do,” Allison wrote.

Thomas bends down and moves in closer to try and hand-feed the beast but as he leans in, the bison lowers his head, points his horns at the man, and bluff-charges him.

Bluff-charging is when an animal charges at you appearing to be on the attack but stops right before making contact with its opposition. Allison quickly backed away for her own safety causing the camera to shake and lose focus of the encounter.

Fortunately, the bison stopped its charge when Thomas also made the intelligent move to back away and no injuries were said to have happened after the video cuts off.

“Everyone was okay, no injuries,” Allison said. 

Watch The Footage Of The Close Encounter Below