VOICE: Jacquie Roar Sings Her Heart Out For Instant Save With Cover Of “Alone”

The Voice / YouTube

As Season 24 of NBC’s The Voice nears the end, the stakes are getting higher and higher. This week, the top nine contestants performed in the semi-finals for a live televised audience. Since the live shows began, it has no longer been up to the coaches to decide the fate of their team members but instead, the viewers must vote to save their favorite artists. The top five artists will advance to the finals next week. 

Jacquie Roar found herself in the bottom five after Monday’s performance of “Alive” By Sia.

For the semi-final round, Jacquie Roar, of Team Reba, covered Sia’s song “Alive.” She sang passionately and showed off her impressive range, however, the performance was not enough to keep her safe from elimination. 

The Voice / YouTube

On Tuesday’s (Dec 12) results episode, the four contestants with the most votes were revealed and confirmed for the finals. Those contestants were Team Reba‘s Ruby Leigh, Team Niall’s Huntley and Mara Justine, and Team Legend’s Lila Forde. 

That left five contestants to battle it out for the Instant Save and the remaining spot in the finals: Mac Royals (Team Legend), Jacquie Roar (Team Reba), Jordan Rainer (Team Reba), BIAS (Team Gwen), and Nini Iris (Team Niall). 

Jacquie Roar sings Heart’s “Alone” in an attempt to win the Instant Save.   

With her future on The Voice on the line, Jacquie Roar gave it her all and delivered a powerful performance of “Alone” by Heart. Her coach, Reba McEntire, can be seen on her feet cheering the hopeful singer on.  


Voting for the Instant Save is only open for a short period of time and happens while the live show is airing. Viewers must vote for their favorite artist in real-time from the The Voice Official App to save them from elimination. 

In the end, Jacquie’s efforts paid off and she won the Instant Save! She will be advancing to the finals of The Voice which will air live on Monday, December 18th. Congrats, Jacquie!  

See Jacquie Roar perform “Alone” by Heart to earn the Instant Save in the video below!