Warning: Ford Owners Beware! Dodge Just Released An Off-Roading Monster That’ll Give You Nightmares!

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Ford who? Did Dodge just announce their newest concept to the seemingly resilient truck family that may be giving the Ford Raptor one hell of a competition? Dodge used the largely attended 2016 State Fair of Texas to reveal its newest, soon-to-come edition to the brawny line and we strongly suggest you stay seated for this one!

CAUTION: This information may cause dizziness and sudden buying impulses due to its extreme, outstanding features and purely bad ass look!

Introducing the new Dodge Ram 1500 Rebel TRX! This monster is loaded with a 6.2 Liter HEMI V8 Engine, packing an unimaginable 575 horsepower as Dodge proudly calls it “the most powerful factory-engineered half-ton pickup ever to be made—capable of tearing up the pavement at speeds greater than 100 mph.” But, before you let that extreme bit sink in, listen to this baby roar! 

Not only is this truck powerful in terms of its incredible engine and ridiculous strength, but its profoundly aggressive and exceptionally intimidating appearance will no doubt ensure that you’ll “Live Up To Your Reputation”, as Dodge so boldly claims! Needless to say, this truck is the epitome of muscle!

However, the “All-American” Ford brand isn’t one to go down without a relentless fight! It seems that Dodge’s new concept is a direct competition to Ford’s most anticipated fall of 2017 release: The 2017 Ford Raptor.

The top notch, on and off road predator wields an upgraded 3.5 liter V6 EcoBoost with a mind-boggling 411 horsepower, not only giving this animal of a truck an incredible kick and immense power, but a noteworthy fuel consumption of 25 MPG during city drives and 32 MPG for those highway encounters. Further more, the body of this savage machine has been modified and supplemented to provide lighter materials, coinciding with the skyrocketing improvement on gas mileage and power!

Needless to say, these two very competitive trucks are the definition of muscle and authority! If there’s ever a time to take a second mortgage on your house or partake in your opportunity thanks to the all too common “life crisis”, it’s now!

So, you’ve heard the facts and all the goodies that come with both of these two brawny and clearly bad ass power houses! What are your thoughts?