Woman “Could Have Died” After “Dirty Dancing” Lift Fail

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Warning: this video is not for the faint of heart.

Millie Slennett was hanging out with her family one evening and the drinks were flowing. One thing led to another and a sisterly dance-off was brought up. Millie is a dance teacher, while her sister Rosie is a fashion designer, so Millie thought she had it in the bag.

To really solidify her win in the dance-off, Millie enlisted her boyfriend Conner for her final move. They were going to recreate the iconic – and incredibly difficult – Dirty Dancing lift.

Rosie filmed the whole thing, which lasted less than 30 seconds. Things started pretty good, but they quickly went south. After Millie made it high above Conner’s head, she just kept going and landed directly on her neck. Her legs flipped over her head so far that her feet and her neck were touching the ground at the same time. Ouch!

After she fell, Rosie and the other family members rushed to Millie’s aid. They ended up calling an ambulance to take her to the hospital and after you watch the fall, you’ll understand why.

She told The New York Post, “We’d had a few drinks — but I think having some in my system perhaps helped my fall because I was a little bit more relaxed.”

At the hospital, CT scans showed that she just had some bruising, which doctors said was pretty much a miracle after viewing the video. They were shocked she walked away from that fall.

I know I’m so lucky. It could have been so much worse,” Millie said. “I could have snapped my neck or done damage to my spine. I could have died.”

Instagram users were quick to point out that Dirty Dancing‘s stars, Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey, practiced in the lake in the movie (and real life) to be able to land that move.

We’re glad she’s okay! Swipe through her Instagram post to see the video.


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