Introducing Latest Beard Trend: The Monkey Tail

Instagram / @mynameisnatee (left) - Instagram / @team.144 (right)

A wacky hairstyle called the monkey tail beard is the latest trend to catch on with men across the world, and it literally looks like a monkey tail on men’s faces.


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Several pictures have surfaced on social media of guys growing what basically looks like a long monkey tail on the side of their face.

The beard style starts off with a sideburn extending all the way down the side of the face to the beard and then wraps around the chin. From there, it makes its way up the face creating a goatee on one side of the face, and then comes across the mustache and ends there.


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When you first see someone with this beard, it most certainly makes you take a double look and sometimes even stare. It’s a very unique style and a true attention grabber.


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One guy even had his monkey tail died in different colors so it looked like a stripped monkey tail. The beard style is definitely a weird one. As for those out there who’d like to know how to shave a beard into the monkey tail, take a look at the video below.

How To Shave A Monkey Tail Beard