15 Times Carrie Underwood’s Son Isaiah Was The Cutest Thing Ever


On February 27, 2015, Carrie Underwood and her husband, hockey star Mike Fisher, welcomed their son Isaiah Michael Fisher to the world.

He has made countless appearances on both parents’ social media accounts and we seriously can’t get enough.

Although he is adorable at all times, we’ve compiled a list of 15 times he was extra cute. Check it out below.

1. When He Made His Social Media Debut


A short month after he was born, the happy couple shared the very first photo of their little bundle of joy. And just like his dad, he was already ready to play hockey!

2. When He And Mike Fell Asleep At Carrie’s Rehearsal


Has there ever been a cuter father-son nap? The answer is no.

3. When He Interrupted Carrie’s Workout


As we all know, Carrie is an extremely fit individual. Sometimes, Isaiah accompanies her to her workouts and when he saw her lay down to stretch, he thought it was play time!

4. When He Showed Off His Musical Genius


Before he was even one year old, Isaiah was already wearing a fancy blazer and playing the piano. How impressive!

5. When He Smothered His Mom With Kisses


Although they were covered in slobber, Isaiah smothered Carrie with kisses and it was the cutest thing ever!

6. When He And Mike Took A Sweet Father-Son Selfie


Isaiah’s first selfie is extra adorable because Mike is in it! You can also tell that Isaiah has his daddy’s eyes and smile!

7. When He Soaked Up The Sun


Isaiah brought the cuteness when he was hanging out with his mom outside. Just the look on his face as he’s soaking up the sun will put a smile on your face!

8. When He Met The Sesame Street Characters


Hugging his favorite TV character doesn’t get much cuter! His day was totally made!


9. When He Got Every Last Bit Of Food


Little boys needs lots of food to grow up to be big and strong, and Isaiah was apparently taking this very literally when he was eating one day. How cute is he licking the bottom of his bowl?! Carrie sweetly reminded him to do this while he still can because as an adult, this action is “frowned upon”.

10. When He Pet The Family Dog, Penny


Carrie shared the super sweet moment that shows Isaiah petting their family dog, Penny, who he adorably calls “Pa-Ba”.

11. When He And Carrie Shared A Sweet Moment On Their Walk


While on a walk together, someone captured this adorable mother-son moment where Carrie kneeled down to Isaiah’s level. So cute!

12.  When He Made His First Public Appearance

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Mike Fisher recently hit the 1,000 NHL game milestone and was honored by his team, the Nashville Predators, with a ceremony before the game. It was as good a time as any for Isaiah to make his very first public appearance and he is even cuter in person!

13. When He Tried To Go To New Zealand With His Mom


Carrie accompanied Keith Urban on the Australia/New Zealand leg of his tour and had to leave her precious son at home. He almost made it around the globe, though. Climbing into his mom’s suitcase is probably not the safest way to get on an airplane, but we love his determination!

14. When He Did A Belly Flop


Prepare yourselves for saggy diapers and baby laughs because this is one of Isaiah’s cutest moments yet. Mike even told him, “Nice belly flop, buddy,” and you can almost hear him say, “Thank you!”

15. When He Sang With Carrie In The Car


Carrie assisted her son in singing “Jesus Loves Me”, and we will never be the same. He finishes the lyrics and even stays pretty true to the tune!

This isn’t the first time he’s sung along with his famous mama. Take a look at him singing her hit song “Heartbeat” with her below.


What is your favorite Isaiah moment? We know there are so many to choose from, but let us know in the comments!