Jack Russell Dog Rides Mini Horse Named Spanky


Who ever would have imagined that a dog and a horse would become best friends? Well that’s was the case for a miniature horse named Spanky and his buddy, Dally the Jack Russell Terrier.

Both Spanky and Dally were rescued by horse trainer Francesca Carson. She brought them home to live with her in Spokane, Washington, and they became fast friends.

Spanky and Dally were inseparable. One was never found far from the other, and they were so close that they even shared food out of the same dish!

In addition to being good friends, Spanky and Dally also worked together. Dally would often tag along with Francesca whenever she was working with Spanky and the other horses. After watching her for so long, Dally decided it was time to try out the tricks too! The little pup hopped up on Spanky’s back without any direction, and an idea was born in Francesca’s mind.

Once she saw that Dally was comfortable climbing on Spanky’s back, she started training them to perform tricks together. Dally and Spanky were eventually capable of performing a full-fledged routine, complete with jaw-dropping tricks.

Video footage shows Dally jumping up on Spanky’s back in one effortless leap. Dally managed to stay on Spanky’s back even when he jumped over barrels and hurdles!

Spanky and Dally’s tricks caught the attention of people around the world. Francesca took them to various shows throughout the country, where they dazed and amazed crowds with their assortment of fascinating tricks.

These two best friends were so beloved, they even appeared on TV! The two were featured on the Late Show with David Letterman, exposing and even greater audience to their amazing skills. Then, their friendship inspired a 2019 movie called Adventures of Dally & Spanky.

You can catch the video below to see Spanky and Dally in action.

The video also includes some photos and footage of the two best buds playing together and hanging out at home.There’s one photo of the two cuddling up with one another that will absolutely melt your heart. But more than anything else, it’s the footage from their training sessions and shows that will leave you with a lasting impression.

Sadly, Dally passed away in early 2022 at the age of 11. Francesca said Dally and Spanky got the chance to say a final “goodbye,” and she placed Dally on Spanky’s back one last time.

She wanted to just go to sleep right there,” Francesca said.

Spanky and Francesca must be so lost without their dear friend Dally. She’ll be missed.