Rory Feek Shares Emotional Video Of Indy Learning How To Walk

Joey + Rory Facebook

Rory Feek has every reason in the world to be proud of his little girl. Those reasons can be seen in a new video that he uploaded to the Joey + Rory Facebook page on Friday (February 24).

Indy attends a school called High Hopes, which specializes in helping children with special needs. In addition to serving as a school, High Hopes is also a physical therapy center. Over the course of the past few months, Indy has been improving her speech and has been learning how to walk thanks to the help of the kind staff at the school.

Rory has shared a few short videos and photos of Indy walking before, but the one he shared on Friday is longer. As a result, the clip shows the extent of Indy’s great journey toward learning to walk on her own.

Writing in the caption, Rory said that he originally intended to do a blog post about Indy’s progress. But when he looked back on the video he had, he realized that it said so much more than he ever could.

I had started writing a blog post about Indy learning to walk, but in the end, decided to just show her journey instead,” he wrote. “Her sisters and I are so proud of her…

The video starts off by showing some of Indy’s early therapy sessions at High Hopes. At that time, her therapist would secure her in a special walker that helped her stay standing up. With the assistance of that walker, Indy was able to make a few steps all on her on.

Then the next step was to have Indy use the walker without being strapped into it. From there, they moved on to having Indy walk entirely on her own, with no assistance from the walker at all.

The first few times that Indy tried to walk on her own were a bit shaky. She would try to stand and would end up falling down right away. But she didn’t seem discouraged by that at all. In fact, her bright smile can be seen from start to finish throughout the video.

Slowly but surely, the clip shows how Indy has learned to take steadier and more confident steps with the helps of her therapist and her family. Rory can be heard a few times in the clip, calling Indy to him and telling her to “come to papa.” He can also be seen in the clip a few times, welcoming Indy into his arms as she finishes walking his way.

You can watch the clip of Indy’s emotional journey below. We’re sure that Joey is smiling down on her.