Rory Feek’s Daughter’s Beautiful Farm Wedding Showcases True Love

It was a beautiful day for the Feek family as Rory Feek handed off his second oldest daughters in marriage. On October 27th, the couple’s farm-style wedding was the perfect fairytale wedding with friends and family in attendance to celebrate. Love Is In The Air Hopie Feek married her longtime friend and girlfriend, Wendy. The […] More

Rory Feek Makes A Splash Singing Blake Shelton’s ‘Some Beach’

Rory’s Solo Past Before Rory Feek met his future wife, Joey, he made a living writing songs for some of Nashville’s biggest stars. He continued writing songs after he and Joey married and formed their own country music duo, Joey + Rory. Over the years, Rory has crafted songs for everyone from Tracy Byrd (“The […] More

Indy Feek Looks Like A Precious Princess In Stunning New Photos

For Easter this year, Rory and Indy Feek made the trek all the way to Indiana, where Joey‘s family lives. The two enjoyed a fun and joyous weekend with Joey’s family before they returned home to Tennessee. But a couple of weeks before they went to Indiana, Rory had to make a solo trip to Washington […] More

10 Of Rory & Indy Feek’s Sweetest Father-Daughter Moments

All throughout Joey Feek‘s brave battle against cancer, there was one thing, or rather, one person, who always served as a source of hope for her and Rory…their little girl Indiana. As Rory kept the world updated with how Joey was doing, he also shared photos and stories of Indy, who was a ray of […] More

Little Indy Feek Is Talking Even More Than Ever!

Throughout Joey Feek’s brave cancer battle, the family shared their stories of faith, family, and love – most if it being shared through Rory Feek’s stunning blog. Now, it seems Indiana’s big sisters are taking on some of that and bringing some great moments from their lives to light. Born in February 2014, country duo […] More

4 Joey + Rory Songs That Will Always Touch Your Heart

Those who have been fans of Joey + Rory from the beginning have listened to their many heartwarming songs over the years. For fans new and old, these songs have taken on a whole new meaning after Joey passed away on March 4, 2016. Joey + Rory released a variety of songs since coming in third place on […] More

Rory Feek Writes About Indy’s Bittersweet Birthday

February 17 was a bittersweet day for Rory Feek. It was the day that his youngest daughter, Indy, celebrated her third birthday. It was also her first birthday without her mama there to celebrate with her. Toward the end of her cancer battle, Joey set a few goals that she wanted to reach before she […] More

Rory Feek Shares Emotional Video Of Indy Learning How To Walk

Rory Feek has every reason in the world to be proud of his little girl. Those reasons can be seen in a new video that he uploaded to the Joey + Rory Facebook page on Friday (February 24). Indy attends a school called High Hopes, which specializes in helping children with special needs. In addition […] More